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4 Things that Tom Brady and LogMeIn Rescue Have in Common

It’s Super Bowl week, which means the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots are preparing to face off in the championship game. It also means that, once again, Tom Brady is appearing on the national stage. Love him or hate him, most people can admit that what he’s done is pretty incredible—9 Super Bowl appearances in 18 years, and 5 wins…for now.

So what do the star Patriots quarterback and LogMeIn Rescue, the market-leading remote support software, have in common? Probably more than you think.

1. They always come through in the clutch.

Whether he’s down 28-3 with two minutes left in the 3rd quarter of Super Bowl LI, or playing in overtime in his eight-straight AFC championship, you can count on Brady for a strong performance even in dire times. Just like Brady, you can always depend on Rescue with industry-leading 99.999% uptime to get you through those stressful and high-pressure moments. Time and time again.

2. They’re team players.

A star quarterback without the ability to effectively work with his teammates doesn’t get you very far. But TB12 has strong bonds with his whole team that allows them to work magic on the field. With seamless integrations to CRM and ticketing systems like ServiceNow, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics, Rescue knows how to make its “teammates” shine with a smooth handoff of data and an elegant, streamlined process.

3. They Connect…Fast.

When Tom Brady looks downfield, he connects. As a top 5 leader in pass completions, he knows that time is of the essence when it comes to finding an open receiver and making the pass. Every second counts. It’s no different when it comes to remote support sessions. Your customers are looking to solve their problems as quickly as possible, and you can rely on Rescue to connect fast – in under 30 seconds to be exact.

4. They’re tried and tested

Reliable. Mature. Proven. Both Brady and Rescue have “been there” before, continually improving as they go. When you need to deliver the best results, you want a solution that is shown to perform at the highest caliber. With Brady holding the record for Super Bowl wins and appearances, and Rescue supporting tens of millions of sessions annually, you know that you’re going to get top tier performance every time.

Whether your team is in the Super Bowl or in a customer support center, there’s one thing for sure: You’re going to want the G.O.A.T. on your side.

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