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Decoding Effective Support Personalities

Superior support hinges on three key drivers: successful teams, effective processes, and efficient tools. Whether your support team serves your customers or internal employees, each of these key drivers needs to be optimized to meet your end-users’ needs. As we’ve discussed before, consumer expectations of what the customer support experience should be (in both B2C and B2B realms) have increased and are continuing to rise. Support centers will need to change their personnel strategies to meet these changing needs.

The report, “How to Fix Customer Support” published by the Harvard Business Review (HBR), introduces seven different support representative personalities and it may be surprising to see what personalities perform best in the new age of customer service. HBR shares the characteristics that are most effective, and why these personalities are important in different situations – especially as customer expectations increase and the problems customers seek support for are becoming more complex. Though not every rep will have these characteristics; with training and development, along with sharing best practices across your team, you can effectively leverage the strengths of your team.

To learn more about the seven support technician personality types and how you can utilize their skillsets to improve your customer support, read the full report.

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