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Managing Customer Feedback

We all want customer feedback; it helps us stay connected to our customers, identify problem areas, figure out product and service enhancements, and even helps us come up with new ideas. But being organized about gathering and managing that feedback is crucial for gaining actionable insights. Here are a few tips on managing customer feedback:

  • Keep all your feedback avenues open, including support: Lots of valuable insights can be gathered from Google Analytics and social media analytics (Buffer Analytics, Twitter Analytics, Facebook Insights, etc.). Don’t forget about customer surveys, including those that are built into support solutions, including LogMeIn Rescue. These provide an avenue to ask specific questions to a targeted audience.
  • Keep feedback in the context and perspective: Feedback elicited in a customer support center may be colored by the fact that a support session is emotionally charged. Offering a discount or a prize may also impact an individual who fills out a survey – what are their motivations?
  • Keep the communications two-way: Feedback needs to be a two-way street. Thank your customers for offering feedback and follow up with them. Let them know which problems have been resolved and what enhancements are being made based on feedback, even if you’re not incorporating their suggestions at this time.
  • Keep things categorized: In the world of social media where data is unstructured, you’ll need a way to keep things organized. Start by using algorithms to help classify feedback and to incorporate emotions and underlying issues into your data. Algorithms can categorize data based on keywords, product names, and tags so you can search and filter through the content (similar to CRM systems like Salesforce). In addition, there are a number of textual analytics programs, like Crunchbase and Glassdoor, that apply textual analytics to unstructured information.

Feedback is crucial in improving your business – ensuring you have the methodology in place to capture and manage customer feedback is just as important.

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