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Maximize Productivity in Your Small Business

Small businesses have always been concerned with staff productivity, but today’s many online distractions can make for an even bigger productivity challenge. Don’t worry; we’re here with some guidance. Here are a few tips for keeping employees productive on the job:

  • Standardize communications platforms
    Choose an instant messaging app like Google Talk or a private social networking system like HipChat or Slack to promote communication between employees. But make sure that all your employees have them installed and know how to use them properly. Encourage them to use these tools, whenever it makes sense, as a substitute for phone calls or face-to-face meetings, which can be productivity sinkholes.
  • Don’t block “time wasting” websites
    This may seem like contradictory advice, but there is a reason. While it seems logical to block employees from Facebook, Pinterest, and other seeming time-wasters, these sites can also give your employees a much-needed, refreshing break from their busy day (when appropriate). There is also the case that there are legitimate business reasons to be on these sites. But if social networking and gaming are proving too tempting, apps like Focus Lockor a browser plug-in like StayFocusd will help employees stay on task.
  • Keep skills sharp
    With things changing so rapidly, it’s important that your employees are continually acquiring new skills, whether it be presenting, writing, or learning new tech skills vital to your employees’ success. Old-style training programs that take employees out of the office for days at a time can be costly, time consuming and often ineffective. Encourage your employees to explore online learning sites, such as Lynda and Coursera, that let them learn at their own pace.
  • Make sure your employees have the tools they need
    One area you should be paying attention is to your internal IT helpdesk and customer support team. Companies who deploy LogMeIns Rescue experience a tremendous increase in productivity: higher first call resolution rates, shorter call handle times, and an increase in customer satisfaction.
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