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On the Road with LogMeIn Rescue – Sin City (Part 1 of 3)

The Rescue team had a busy October attending several key industry events allowing us to meet with customers, prospects and industry leaders, while logging lots of frequent flier miles.  Now that we have returned home to Boston, MA where the weather is turning colder, we wanted to share some of the insights captured while on the road in a three part series.

Data so Big, It’s Everywhere you Go

Our first stop is Technology Services World (TSW) 2013 Service Transformations.


This is the Technology Service Industry Association’s (TSIA) annual fall event, held this year in Las Vegas, NV.  The goal of this year’s event was to bring together service and support professionals, industry leaders and revolutionaries, and best-in-class sponsors to discuss new trends that will help differentiate service offerings.  For us, it boiled down to one key theme:  how can I use data about my customers to improve my services, product, and drive revenue.  Here are a couple thoughts and insights we gathered from the show:


Data is bigger than ever – Big data was the big theme at TSW this year and was present in many of the speaker events, break-out sessions, and keynotes, even if the session was not Big Data oriented.  Companies are concerned. While the size global data is projected to grow by 40% each year, many do not have a sufficient strategy on how to gather, organize, or activate the data. They are not sure what to gather, how to collect the data, and how to interpret what is there.  And the longer organizations wait to put a plan in place; the problem will just keep growing.

It is not just the size of your data, but how you use it –You can see with the growing fears of Big Data getting out of control, companies are also growing unsure of how to use the data once they start collecting.  Building on a key theme the TSIA has been discussing for the past couple years (Consumption Analytics), many of the speakers talked about the success they had in deciphering the data to create actionable plans. For example, members of Oracle’s support team discussed how they improved supply chain management and services; and Sam Boonin of Zendesk discussed how he and his team improved features of the product, all based on how they analyzed the data they collected.

Get moving with data – Never wait to have some “magic amount” of data, or some mythical “great data point” that might point to your next billion-dollar idea.  There are valuable insights in the data you already have, now! It might not be perfect or 100% complete, but it can give you valuable business insight that you can exploit today for an immediate payoff.

As always, TSIA has put on another great show with interesting topics and visionary themes.  If we had to take one thing from the event it would be get moving with data, don’t wait.  Stay tuned for part two of our series which will cover our experience at Telecom IQ’s Customer Experience Management (CEM) event in Atlanta.

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Image Credit: Stacked servers by redjar (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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