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Small business, sans office: how virtual office technology changes everything

Virtual offices are helping many small businesses move away from large central workspaces. Here are five ways in which technology is making it possible for you and your employees to pretty much work from anywhere:

  1. Secure connections: With a laptop and connection to the ‘net, you’re all set, right? Not exactly. If employees are accessing company files and apps, you need to make sure they’re doing so securely. That’s where virtual private network (VPN) and two-factor authentication tools come into play to ensure that you’re just as secure as if you were in the office.
  2. Shake up support: Whether you’re providing tech support for your employees or customers, a support organization no longer needs to be run out of a centralized helpdesk or call center. With remote support tools like LogMeIn Rescue, your support experts can access employee and customer devices (including mobile devices) from anywhere, at any time.
  3. Say no to big hardware: The virtual office doesn’t just do away with the front office; it’s replacing the back office as well. Through third-party providers, you can access all the storage space and bandwidth you need, when you need it, for as long as you need it.
  4. While you’re at it, say no to big software: With so many SaaS offerings out there, you can take care of pretty much any business function you need by just signing up online. With so much available through the cloud, your employees can be productive wherever they are, and on any device they choose to use. (And you’re not on the hook for managing, maintaining, and supporting big software.)
  5. Forget about backups: Advanced, secure, centrally managed backup software now protects all your organization’s computers, no matter where they’re located. This let’s you scale up or down to easily back up all the devices in your organization. And you can forget about employees forgetting to backup. It’ll all be taken care of.

These are just a handful of the technologies that are making virtual offices viable for small business. In addition, video conferencing and smartphones are also helping small businesses grow while keeping the costs of maintaining a large central office down. Whether you’re considering a virtual office, or working remote policy, ensure your employees are set up with the right technology to be secure, efficient, and just as productive as if they were in the building.


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