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Staying Connected This Holiday Season

With the holiday season right around the corner, many of us will be traveling to visit friends and family and as a result will be leaning even heavier than normal on our mobile devices.  Whether working remotely or just passing the time in the airport with a little Netflix, we rely on our devices more than ever during this busy time.  It goes without saying that our smartphones are more than just phones – they are our mobile offices, our movie theaters, our social connection and so much more.

As a result when things go wrong, it can be very frustrating.  Here are just a few of my favorite mobile device faux pas — and how LogMeIn Rescue + Mobile can help:

  1. Poor Battery Life – As smartphones get bigger and more powerful – battery life tends to suffer. Faster processers, bigger screens, extra RAM to run the dozens of apps we access daily – all great for performance and aesthetics, but they also drain the battery much quicker than ever before.  With Rescue + Mobile’s Click2Fix battery optimization you are able to push several settings known to improve battery life within devices with just one click.
  1. Connecting to Bluetooth or Wireless – We’ve all experienced that awful wait time as your phone re-connects to Bluetooth or wireless networks. —Is it going to connect? What’s taking so long?  With Click2Fix radio toggles you’re able to see and manage existing connections and turn Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS on or off quickly.
  1. App Crashes – With large demands on apps there is bound to be a few crashes here and there. Rescue’s In-App Support provides quick and easy access to the end user’s app to help optimize the mobile app support experience with a seamless, intuitive support channel within the app (all within the Rescue interface).

Whether staying connected to work through email, chat, collaboration tools, or the thousands of other apps choices you may have on your phone – we can all agree on one critical issue – they better work when called upon!

One of our customers, Republic Wireless, is using LogMeIn Rescue + Mobile to help provide quick and seamless remote support services for customers working to get and stay connected.  Offering a low-cost mobile phone service in the US, Republic Wireless customers are often first time smartphone owners.  By offering quick and easy hands-on support Republic Wireless is able to answer questions and remediate issues – reducing costly send-backs and keeping customers connected and happy – over the holidays and beyond.

At LogMeIn, we have made it a mission to help ensure that apps are working properly – and when they aren’t a solution is just a click away.

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