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2019 HDI Recap: Creating a VIP Experience for All with Better Support

The Rescue team just returned from the 2019 HDI Conference & Expo in Orlando as a Gold Sponsor. You might think from the smiles on our faces that meeting conference keynote speaker and performer, Vanilla Ice, was the highlight of the event. Okay – we did enjoy that and now we have “Ice Ice Baby” on repeat in our brains. But, we heard from many attendees that they appreciated learning first-hand how Rescue customer Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health is supporting a better customer experience at both a breakfast briefing and in-booth presentations. Here’s what they covered, with a little Ice Ice flair.

“Yo, VIP, let’s kick it!”

The Digital Innovation & Consumer Experience (DICE) Group at Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health is redefining the customer experience in healthcare and higher education by taking cues from retail, hospitality, and ecommerce. DICE designs and develop human-centric solutions for current problems in the healthcare setting for patients, students, employees, donors, and the community. As customers interact with these new solutions and the entire IT ecosystem, DICE supports them with Rescue, giving them immediate assistance that treats them like VIPs.

“If there was a problem, Yo, I’ll solve it!”

We were happy to have Matthew Ernst, VP of Digital Services, Business Development & Learning, and Paul Pierson, Manager of Business Development, ServiceNow Digital Innovation, and Consumer Experience, with us to give a peek behind the curtain at how they’re making a difference by providing the best customer experience possible. Because Rescue is HIPPA compliant, it’s a natural fit for support in the healthcare environment, and it allows the group to support all devices, from desktop to mobile, Mac to Windows, and everything in between, with real-time immediacy.

With Rescue, they’re able to handle more support requests faster than ever before.

In one month, they took in 6x the number of incidents and resolved 14% more of them than before Rescue, with an average resolution time of just 6 minutes.

Providing a more positive customer experience with Rescue has enabled them to increase earnings, gain a competitive advantage, and support compliance. They’re accelerating clinical, academic, and administrative processes to save time and money, building competitive consumer-focused digital solutions that position them to lead now and in the future, and driving maximum performance with a single multi-functional, HIPPA-compliant platform.

“Stop, collaborate, and listen.”

Since DICE is always looking for new ways to make customer support even more seamless, they’re now working on implementing Rescue’s integration with ServiceNow. This will allow them to continue positively impacting patients, students, end users, staff, and care teams with more complete digital transformation.

Want to learn more about how Jefferson’s DICE is using Rescue to improve customer experience? Let’s talk. We promise we won’t use a single Vanilla Ice lyric.

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