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Can You Hear Me? Introducing VoIP for Rescue Lens

Customer support as we know is changing.  The things that need to be supported continue to get more and more complex and the traditional support methods just aren’t enough. When we launched Rescue Lens in 2015, we changed the game by adding interactive video support to the help desks’ arsenal of tools.  Today we are bringing another key functionality to help support personnel do their jobs more effectively –VoIP.

When we started offering Rescue Lens as a standalone product earlier this year, we rallied around the idea that video support can truly transform the customer experience for companies in all industries – not only the IT support and help desks teams that had traditionally been Rescue’s core customer base.  Whether it is a motorcycle manufacturer, an insurance company or anything in between, Rescue Lens allows support agents to see what the customer sees resulting in faster time to resolution and a more convenient and delightful experience for the end consumer.

That was our theory then– and it continues to be proven true.  While the response to Rescue Lens has been overwhelmingly positive, our work is never done.  In the initial launch, we were focused on making the video experience the best it could possibly be.  The next step was to streamline the experience a bit more and that is where VoIP comes into play.  By allowing audio and video all on one device – end customers have a more elegant experience and agents won’t have to worry about matching the video recording to the recorded call dialogue.

Customers have been asking for it, now we have delivered it – so today is a really good day for Rescue Lens. You asked, we listened.  Our team wants to keep making things that our customers love to use and are committed to making customer support as simple as possible.

Stay tuned as we continue to make Rescue Lens a product that changes the game when it comes to support.

Interested in using VoIP?  Audio is available for all Rescue and Rescue Lens customers today.  Just download the latest technician console and app to get started.

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