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Continuing the Journey – Meet the New Rescue Lens Web Console

The Rescue Lens journey has been an exciting one to be a part of.  I’ve watched it grow from one developer’s moon shot idea to becoming a full-fledged feature of LogMeIn Rescue to a standalone product with its own customers and use cases.  Today we are continuing the evolution with the launch of a new web-based technician console. The Rescue Lens web console is completely browser based and gives Lens customers the consistency and flexibility to support customers from a variety of platforms.

So why was this important for us to bring to market now?  Our mission with Rescue Lens (and frankly, all of our Customer Engagement and Support solutions) is to provide support agents with a simple yet innovative solution to help them create a seamless and exceptional experience for customers.  We’ve done a good job of that to date, but as I’ve said many times before, our work is never done.  With the Rescue Lens web console, we are adding the ability for field technicians to access the tool from anywhere – which is significant.  We live in a world where people are more mobile than ever.  We want to help agents provide consistent support from anywhere at any time.    The other benefit of this launch is the flexibly provided by a web-based console. With this platform we can more easily innovate in Rescue Lens – whether that be with new features or integrations.


When it comes to interactive video support, there are no boundaries.  The more we learn about how our product is being used the more excited we get and the more dedicated we are to continue that innovation in hopes of solving even more support issues for our customers. Back in October, we launched the first new feature release of Rescue Lens standalone when we added VoIP – allowing us to break down communication barriers. And today, we’ve taken another huge step in addressing our customers’ needs by updating the platform from which agents can provide support.  I can’t wait for you to see what we’ve got planned for the future releases.

The Rescue Lens Web Console is still in beta and is only available to Rescue Lens standalone customers for the time being.  I encourage you to test it out and share your thoughts.  It’s because of the strong and thoughtful community of customers that we are able to drive our product forward so quickly and ensure we are creating a product with features that agents want and need.

Click here to gain access to the Lens Web Console and get started. If you already have an account, click here to access the console.

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