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Hey Android Users – Rescue Has You Covered

Here is some not so earth shattering news, there are a lot of cell phones out there! I don’t just mean in number; but also the variety of phone types has become dizzying. Consumers have what seems like an endless sea of choice and for global Telecomm and Business Process Outsourcing (BPOs) companies, support these mobile phones, can be a huge task.

Here’s why:  If you sell those phones or you are paid to support them, the more types there are, then the more there is to learn about, train and certify your technicians on.  With what the matrix looks like right now, this can be too difficult a support challenge to meet.  The end result? Many customers are left without support and in the event of an issue; chances are they are also left frustrated and unhappy.

Even for those companies that have the scale to come close to meeting these support complexities, chances also are the sheer breadth of coverage means the support you can provide for some of these devices is quite slow leading again to unsatisfied customers.

LogMeIn to the Rescue!  As the leader in supporting mobile devices, Rescue by LogMeIn has just taken a huge step to help address these challenges in its latest release.

Rescue already supported all devices from major brands like Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, and Sony and with our release this week, Rescue now supports all Android 5.0+ and Android 6.0+ devices from nearly all brands, covering 86% of Android devices and 75% of all mobile devices worldwide.

Being able to provide mobile device support for nearly all mobile devices out there helps ease the pain for our customers looking to provide the best and most efficient support for theirs.  We our continuing our commitment to being an industry leader in remote support and with this release we are supporting more devices internationally than any other support solution.

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