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From Pilot to Product: Introducing a New Rescue Lens

Today is a big day for the LogMeIn Rescue team — Rescue Lens, our interactive video-enabled, remote support tool, will be offered as a stand-alone product.   By placing the Focus on the Customer, we believe Rescue Lens can transform the customer experience and deliver value by providing new ways to connect agents with remote users in order to see and solve issues with their own eyes.   Rescue Lens is the result of LogMeIn’s Global Hackathon, where LogMeIn developers from around the world come together and team up to conceive, design, build, and implement their own innovative idea in just one week. In 2014 Rescue Lens was born.

We knew this was a fabulous idea, but with any new product or feature, you never really know how your customer base is going to respond.  Released as a feature within LogMeIn Rescue, Rescue Lens allowed our customers to remotely support virtually any product, enabling end users to utilize their personal smartphone or tablet cameras to stream live video back to support technicians. Since the launch we heard a variety of use cases from technicians all around the world who were now able to virtually support everything from printers and scanners, routers, TVs, and other handle other issues that would usually require an on-site visit for a quick and simple fix. After speaking with many of the Rescue Lens users, we later discovered that many of them were using it in a way that was quite different than we expected.  Use cases went way beyond the break-fix and remote support community that we typically see.

Customers like Zero Motorcycles are using Lens as a visual tool to prevent sending their expert technicians on site for electric motorcycle repairs. NextLED has been able to replace the cumbersome process of a technician taking a picture of a digital signage support situation, and relaying it back to the team, by using Lens. These use cases all have one thing in common— the field element. Companies are spending tons of money and time sending technicians on-site – often times to fix routine problems.   Lens allows technicians and agent to get a better picture of what is happening on the other end of the phone, so that these issues can be fixed in real-time – minimizing costly visits and significantly decreasing time to resolution for customers.

We have been so inspired by the the stories that we’ve heard that we are letting Rescue Lens stand on its own two feet as a way to help nearly any company focus on and engage with their customers using the industry’s most innovative support tool.

Rescue Lens includes the following remote support features:

  • Screen capture— Take a screen grab of the current Lens images from the console, these images can be saved for documentation
  • Video recording— Enable recording of the live stream from the console
  • Chat— Chat functionality allows for streamlined customer engagement
  • Smart Whiteboarding— Ability to whiteboard in the console and appear on the policyholder’s device. The device can move around, but the annotation stays in place
  • Freeze Frame— Pause the stream from the console resulting in a freeze frame on the policyholder’s device with the ability to annotate
  • Flashlight— Policyholder has the ability to turn on the flashlight within the end user app allowing for a better visual if needed
  • Session Reporting— Run custom reports for session information such as features used, length, etc.
  • APIs— Allow for companies to pull session information into their own ticketing or reporting solutions
  • Session Transfer— Allow for Claims Agents to pass sessions to other Agents or Management seamlessly
  • Session and Queue Management — Allows Claims Agents to Manage multiple sessions simultaneously
  • Customer Surveys – An easy way to get feedback from your policyholders by offering a customizable post-session satisfaction survey. Use a standard Rescue Lens survey interface or redirect to a self-hosted or third-party survey tool

Whether through LogMeIn Rescue, BoldChat or the new Rescue Lens standalone offering, we are dedicated to helping companies provide the best customer experience possible.  Follow us on our blog journey as we highlight the different industries where customers are experiencing success using Lens, such as insurance, discrete and OEM manufacturing, warranty management, and telecom. In the meantime, check out our new websites.

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