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Support Doesn’t Need to Be a “Game of Thrones”

Sometimes the life of a tech support agent can feel a bit like being on the Night’s Watch on “Game of Thrones.”  Support agents are there to be of service, constantly on watch – always at the ready to help.

And just like being a Watcher of the Wall, tech support agents are not “necessarily” searching for glory or crowns – that’s because they are the fixers.  It is their insight and tech know-how that not only can turn night into day, but it can turn temperamental computers into case closed.

It’s been a few months since Rescue and GoToAssist came together under one line of business at LogMeIn.  It’s been a truly exciting time for the company and for our product teams who are working around the clock to enhance our new portfolio.

At the time of the merger, we knew that bringing together two leading remote support solutions was going to unlock new opportunities.   And that mission starts by continuously listening to our customers, especially our users – the tech support agent.

One of the biggest learnings we have gained is perspective.  By speaking with Rescue and GoToAssist users at large, it is clear that customer and technical support needs are not a one-size fits all approach.  While core remote support requirements are similar, there are definite differences that vary across each business.  With GoToAssist and Rescue, now part of the same family, LogMeIn is in a unique position to provide unstoppable connectivity for IT, Customer Support and everything in between.

More than 50,000+ businesses rely on Rescue and or GoToAssist to meet the needs of their support team. Whether working with the world’s largest companies, or a small business, we are continuously engaging with customers to understand the specific needs required to help companies of all sizes build a reputation for best-in-class support.

Both GoToAssist and Rescue have a great history of actively working to stay ahead of the constant evolution of technology.  This includes keeping up with the growth of remote workers to stay up on BYOD trends by enhancing the ease and ways with which an employee can be supported. Whether it’s providing mobile support to or from any device or even pushing the support boundaries to offer video support, we’ve worked hard to stay ahead of the innovation curve for well over a decade.

As LogMeIn continues its journey to re-imagine support, we are excited for the road ahead.   We have the unique ability to provide the tools and technologies that support teams need today and can scale with them as they grow their business.

In today’s world, keeping computers up and running is fundamental and this relationship between the tech support agent standing watch and the tools they rely on to get problems solved which is essential.

As we continue to learn our customers, it is it this direct communication with the users which keep us moving forward.  Each second of everyday, people around the globe are being helped by tech agents using LogMeIn remote support solutions – that’s more than 140,000,000 support sessions each year.   It’s not just about remote support anymore, it’s about delivering the flexibility, security and the power of connectivity to provide the best-in-class remote support services available.  Whether that be something as simple increasing languages support across the products and documentation to making sure our products can adapt to bandwidth limitations of certain countries to navigating government requirements of different countries. All these challenges have shaped Rescue and GoToAssist to leading global solutions.

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