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Elevating Your Support Game with Video

For many of us in the US – this weekend was a special (unofficial) holiday – The Super Bowl.  American football is quite a big deal in the States and even a bigger deal in New England.  The Patriots pulled off the win to close out Super Bowl 51 in historical fashion.  So, what does this have to do with customer support?  I can think of a ton of analogies around the importance of team work and pulling together a world class team, but in this case, the analogy lends itself to a discussion on having the right tools to win.  For quarterback Tom Brady, it’s probably his arm or ability to scramble in the pocket that makes all the difference.  For many of our customers, their secret weapon is video support and for us, it’s the ongoing discussion we have with our customers using our tools.

We rely on our customers to provide feedback so we can continue to ensure that Rescue and Rescue Lens meets and exceeds their ever-changing needs.  During a recent Open Forum webinar we spoke with our customers on how they are using video to provide best in class support.  Half of attendees mentioned that the top benefit of video support was reducing onsite visits while the other half focused on the ability of video to improve first call resolutions.  Other benefits discussed were the ability to offer a helping hand video to junior field technicians.  This one was particularly interesting as we hadn’t really thought about it as a training tool – until now.

It was inspiring to hear all the real-world use cases around how video support is changing the game for so many companies and the various benefits they are already seeing.  One of our featured customers, NextLED has not only saved hundreds of dollars per incident, but they have also been able to cut time-to-resolution by more than half since using Rescue and Rescue Lens to support their leading-edge signage.

Having the right tools makes all the difference – both in sports and in customer support.  Interactive video support is quickly becoming the Most Valuable Player for many companies looking to offer next-generation customer support and Rescue Lens is the tool they are relying on.

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