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Paul Lalonde, Outsourcer Partnership Manager, Radialpoint

Guest Blog: How LogMeIn Comes to the Rescue for Radialpoint Customers

RadialpointAt Radialpoint, we’ve been providing white label technical support on behalf of major technology brands for over 10 years. In order to deliver amazing support experiences to all of our customers, partnering with best-in-class technology providers has long been an integral part of our solutions and operational strategy. And almost since the beginning, LogMeIn has been one of these partners.

We started using LogMeIn as a standalone tool for remote support back when we ran a white label security brand. We loved the way it was able to help us serve our customers remotely and effortlessly. Today, Rescue is deeply integrated into TechWeb, our custom technical support platform. It gives our agents the ability to seamlessly diagnose and resolve a wide variety of technology issues related to PCs, mobile devices, tablets, IoT devices and cloud software. We also integrate with LogMeIn’s inbound chat routing features in order to get customers connected to us 24/7, with the simple click of a button, for any technology issue they might be experiencing.

Thanks to our work with LogMeIn, we’ve solved millions of customer issues while being 60% more efficient at doing so. Some of the main benefits include:

  • Improved efficiency through concurrent support sessions — Bringing down the average time a support session takes to complete while maintaining a high quality level of support is an ongoing challenge for any support team. Having the ability to remotely assist customers drives that time down considerably and helps cut support costs by increasing the productivity of our agents. Our agents can seamlessly work on more than one customer session at the same time with some being able to handle as many as 10 support sessions at the same time. All of this results in a reduction in AHT and happier customers all around.
  • Improved first call resolution rate (FCR) – Repeat calls represent 23% of the average contact center’s operating budget according to Service Quality Measurement Group, which is why FCR is such a closely monitored metric in our industry. Giving our agents remote visibility to our customers’ devices has definitely contributed to our strong FCR ratings with 93% of technical support tickets resolved on the first call. Being able to resolve an issue the first time a customer calls helps establish confidence and trust in the brand and while keeping costs down for our partners. It’s a win-win.
  • Enhanced customer experience — Success isn’t just measured in higher CSAT or lowered AHT. Customer experience remains our number one focus. Customers are constantly impressed at how smoothly an agent can diagnose and solve their problem, most of the times without inconveniencing them at all, which is something they always remember.
  • Ability to support connected devices — There is no doubt that the age of the IoT is now upon us. With over 5.5 million new devices being connected every day, consumers are in need of innovative support solutions to keep their connected homes and workplaces running smoothly.

Supporting these connected things is hot on our minds as well which is why we are really excited about Rescue Lens . With VR/AR and mixed reality posed to become fundamental technologies, we see developments like Lens as an important step towards providing truly transformative support experiences – where customers will be able to push a button to summon a “holoported” tech support agent and have their issue solved in a personalized, instant and effortless way.

When it comes to support technology, we’re always investing in minimizing the effort for the customer while arming our agents with the best possible tools to deliver consistently amazing technical support and LogMeIn Rescue fits that bill for us.

Paul Lalonde is the Outsourcer Partnership Manager at Radialpoint and has more than 15 years of experience supporting customers and their evolving technological needs. He has been with Radialpoint for 7 years now and has been actively involved in leading and optimizing what it takes to deliver amazing support experiences to end users. Radialpoint has solved millions of technical support problems and powers the technology and services of premium technical support programs at large telcos such as Windstream, Virgin Media, TELUS and Rogers.

Founded in 1997, Radialpoint provides sales and technical support services that help service providers, technology vendors and cloud solution providers increase adoption of new products and services and deliver differentiated customer experiences. To learn more visit:

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