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Knowledge19: What Everyone Was Talking About

Sitting on the plane home from ServiceNow’s Knowledge19 conference, my head is swirling with the different conversations I had with IT professionals over the past 4 days.  As the team and I spoke to attendees milling about the Expo, we heard a lot about the challenges (and opportunities) that IT teams are currently facing today. Whether it was a ServiceNow partner, new customer, or long-time evangelist, it was incredible to see the common threads across them all:

1. The blurring lines of employee and customer experiences

In the Employee Experience keynote on Day 2, Blake McConnell (SVP of Employee Workflow Products for ServiceNow) said that employees across generations “expect a consumer-level experience at work like never before.” This sentiment was carried across other sessions as speakers continually stressed that friction in the employee experience can no longer be the standard, and instead these experiences should be human, easy, and even fun.  This has been an important topic at LogMeIn for a while now, so it’s encouraging to see this mindset be front and center at Knowledge19 and beyond.

2. The growing role of AI as it becomes accessible to all organizations

Leveraging AI is no longer a pie-in-the-sky concept for IT.  A stroll through the Expo hall made it clear that organizations don’t need a team of data scientists with specialized tools to implement it. Instead, it’s being built into products that are already in support workflows, like ServiceNow.  So, as consumers have more interactions with AI on a daily basis and are expecting to have similar interactions at work (see point #1 above), it’s becoming a top priority for IT organizations. Luckily, now more than ever, IT professionals feel that AI is approachable and (ironically) human, so we can expect adoption of AI tools to take hold quickly.

3. How to maximize the power of ServiceNow through partners and integrations

The ServiceNow platform is a powerful tool on its own, without a doubt.  But there is real value that even power users haven’t unlocked: integrations.  After all, the ServiceNow mantra is to “digitize your workflows” and workflows encompass multiple technologies and parts of the customer experience. Sure, I may be biased, but it was encouraging to see customers seek out how to add value to their ServiceNow instance and get so excited about the possibilities. One customer even said “How did I not know we already had access to this? I’m telling my team to get this up and running Day 1 I’m back.”

If you want to learn more about how LogMeIn Rescue and ServiceNow are better together, check out the quick demo video here.

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