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3 Questions with Zero Motorcycle’s Chris Langlois

I recently had the opportunity to catch up with one of our Rescue customers Chris Langlois, Global Technical Training Manager, at Zero Motorcycles.  In case you haven’t heard of Zero quite yet (it’s really only a matter of time before they are a household name), they are the largest electric vehicle company producing fully-electric motorcycles.  With more than 125 dealers worldwide Zero is taking the motorcycle world by storm and LogMeIn Rescue is along for the ride.

Zero has been using Rescue Lens for the past year and Chris shared some really great insights into how using Lens has not only helped improve the way Zero approaches customer service, but has also saved the company significant time and money.

  1. What’s your favorite story about how Rescue Lens has helped a customer?
    There are a lot of great stories, but I would say my favorite was when I was able to solve an issue half way across the world without leaving my office.   I was in Atlanta and our distributor in Taiwan was having an issue with a bike. I performed a traditional Rescue remote support session with them and through that was able to determine that we needed to probe some wires/connectors.  As I was trying to talk them through it, it became apparent that it would be much easier to explain if I could “be there”.  Enter Rescue Lens.  With the video feed, I was able to show them where the connectors were, and which wires to probe. Thanks to that visual we were able to sort out the issue and make the adjustments necessary to get the bike road ready.
  1. There is obviously a lot of value that comes with being able to “be there” with Rescue Lens. Have you been able to quantify it?
    We performed 51 sessions last month.  Every time we have to travel it costs us an average of $700 per instance so last month alone we saved at least $35,700.   That’s just the travel — the time out of the office also affects our bottom line, so when we can serve our customers quickly and efficiently and still remain in the office, it’s a good day.  The experience with our Taiwan distributor alone saved us close to $5,000, between the long flight, hotel, and me being out of the office for a week.
  1. What excites you about technology’s role in delivering great customer service?
    With our global growth, it is essential that we have the ability to support our dealers and distributors around the world in a timely manner. Rescue and Rescue Lens, allows us to “be there” without leaving our desk.  We are able to fix most issues quicker than if we had to travel to handle it and the “wow” factor from our partners when we take over is incalculable.

Chris Langlois is the Global Technical Training Manager at Zero Motorcycles managing the company’s IT Operations and Technical Advisement. Prior to working at Zero Motorcycles, Langlois held training roles at Triumph Motorcycles and Honda/ Yahama of Savannah.

To learn more about Zero Motorcycles and how they use Rescue Lens watch our customer success video:

Rescue Remote Support Trial

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